Photo of principal Alicia Scofield working with students in a classroom.

An Open Letter to Parents, Guardians, and the Ware Elementary Community;

Ware Elementary is situated on 6795 Thomas Ave.  Named in Memoriam of Major General Keith L. Ware, Commander of 1st Infantry Division.   Ware has received various recognitions for outstanding academic performance by their students.  Staff at Ware believe we only have one opportunity each year to impact a students learning.   It is up to us to make sure that each student gets what he/she needs t o be  successful.  So don’t be surprised if a teacher calls you and says,” Your child is doing wonderful.  I’d like to set up a plan so that he can improve even more.”

Ware staff is implementing the Common Core Standards . These standards require a high level of student engagement as well as a focus on both content and a depth of understanding to apply the knowledge. Standards are designed to be relevant to what students need to know in order to be prepared for college or their careers and to po sition our students to be successful in our global economy. For our military-connected children, CCSS are a shift from an education experience that has traditionally been a patchwork of various standards and expectations as they move from state to state to one that will be as close to academically seamless as possible. Students will not be caught off-guard when they move, because CCSS outline the specific skills and knowledge by each grade that students need to have in order to be academically successful.

We look forward to our time together. If you have questions please call,    785-717-4600.  Our secretaries Olga, Norma, Silvia and Chris will be glad to assist you. 

Alicia Scofield, Principal

Ware Elementary Building