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Dear Ware Families,

Thank you for attending parent teacher conferences in October.  Please continue to support your children by remaining in contact with their teachers here at Ware. We are always willing and want to share how your children are learning and interacting with their classmates on a regular basis. The “home to school” connection is an important factor for your child’s success.  Ware teachers appreciate your encouragement and feedback.  They are excited about the progress and results that our Ware Bears have made throughout the first quarter of school. We are noticing gains with student’s assessment scores and daily classroom performance.

Parents please make school attendance a priority. Make sure that your children are at Ware every single day and that they are on time.  Our Ware teachers are the BEST in the district. They are collectively, the MOST devoted group of educational professionals!   Ware Elementary staff are prepared to teach your children by providing innovative, well-planned lessons.

Allow us that time that it takes to teach the necessary skills for your students to learn. Mastery of concepts takes practice, solid effort and a great amount of focus. We pride ourselves with providing your children with a safe learning environment. Parents, please assist us with our efforts.  Send a clear message to your children that you value the importance of their education. We would ask that you try to schedule all personal appointments after our Bear’s learning time. Plan your family vacations around our scheduled school-year breaks.

We want to welcome home all of our returning soldiers back to the Fort Riley area.  As the holidays approach, we want you to enjoy your family time together.  For those of us who have soldiers away from Fort Riley our thoughts and Ware Bear support are always with you.

Please know that this time of the year may become a little rushed and crazy, often times our schedules are disrupted causing our students added stress here at school.  We need your help with the upcoming weeks by keeping normal routines and bedtimes in place.  If you are traveling for Thanksgiving or enjoying your family time here in the beautiful Kansas Flint Hills, we wish all of you a wonderful Thanksgiving break.  Spend time making memories with your loved ones.

Dana Williamson

Assistant Principal


We are starting to see leaves change colors and fall from the trees, and kindergarten is excited to take in the autumn atmosphere.  In kindergarten we are learning about the changes outside, season harvest, and how that relates to the food on our plates.

It is exciting to see that we have learned almost all of our letter sounds and practice them daily.  Even more exciting is the fact that we are blending the letter sounds we have learned into words, becoming wonderful readers.  We are sure you have recognized this when helping your child complete the Read & Respond homework.  Encouraging your kindergartner to sound out simple words when encounter them in reading as continued practice, is the most important measure in creating a fluent reader.

We are also watching our kindergartners progress from sounding out words in reading, to transferring this skill to writing.  Students are adding details to their pictures and are able to tell a long story about what they have drawn on their papers.  Our focus right now is that they are sounding out the words they are writing and developing clear ideas that tell a story.

In Math we are doing lots of fun things like exploring shapes and numbers. Kindergarten recently implemented math work stations into our daily schedule.  The work stations consist of games and activities that allow students to explore various math concepts with their partners.

Thanksgiving Break is November 22-24. We will celebrate Thanksgiving with a fun activity near the end of November.  Look for more information about that activity soon.

Happy Thanksgiving Break!



November brings on many new challenges and adventures for our first graders.  In math, we will continue on with Module 2.  Students are working on making ten, word problems, associative and commutative properties, and place value.  Students will need additional practice when subtracting 7, 8, and 9 from teen numbers.  Any extra support you can give at home will greatly help students in the classroom.

Continue to read with your child for 20 minutes a night.  Read & Respond homework slips should be completed, signed, and returned daily.  Practice with sight words is also very beneficial and can have a great impact your child’s success with reading.

Be on the lookout for information regarding first grade Thanksgiving celebrations.  We invite parents and families to come join in the festivities.  Information on class activities will come home in the Ware Bear Folder during the first two weeks of November.

Please make sure your child is at school and on time each and every day.  Each day of instruction is crucial to student success.  Please contact your child’s teacher if you need any additional resources to help support learning at home.

Have a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving holiday!


Second grade is falling into some great learning!  We’ve been working hard and continuing to become the great Ware Bears that we can be! With the weather getting cooler please be sure your child is coming to school with the appropriate clothing and jackets to stay warm!

In math we’ll be exploring different strategies for adding and subtracting within 200 with Word Problems to 100. An important skill that we’ll work on throughout the entire year is improving our student’s addition and subtraction fact fluency.

In reading students will continue to become more independent readers.  All students are expected to read for 20 minutes each night and complete their Read & Respond form, which they turn into their reading teacher.

We will continue to have five vocabulary words each week. There will be weekly homework and students will be expected to study these words to prepare themselves for the test each Friday.

In science we will continue to learn about the Pebbles, Sand, and Silt Module.  Students will learn about the concept mapping, human geography, physical geography, and cardinal directions!  We will also be jumping into learning about liquids and solids! Students explore how wind and water change the shape of the land, compare ways to slow the process of erosion and learn about the important role that earth materials have as natural resources.

All second graders can earn Behavior Bucks in their classroom for good behavior.  Behavior Bucks can be used to buy privileges in their classroom.  Ask your child about this positive reinforcement system to learn more!

Please make sure that you check your child’s Ware Bear folder each night for homework and important notes.  Also, your child has a planner where he/she will write down the daily homework.  This is a great way to encourage communication between the parents and teacher as well.

Thanks in advance for your support and encouragement during this school year.


We can’t believe November is already here!  November brings many exciting new math concepts.  Students will be diving deeper with their knowledge of multiplication and division.  They will begin to explore multiplication and division properties and start using larger single digit numbers.

Please continue to read with your child for 20 minutes each night. We are very proud of the way the students continue to improve their reading ability index, and we appreciate all your help with this at home.

In science, students will continue working on the Water and Climate Module. We will be learning about weather hazards, seasonal weather, climate, earth materials, and water in the soil.  Students have been diving deep in science this year, and don’t hesitate to ask them what they have been learning about in science.

Please make sure your child is at school and on time each and every day. As you have probably already noticed, when your child is absent they miss a lot of instructional time that is difficult to make up.  Attendance is crucial to their success as a third grader.



The Ware Bear fourth graders are continuing to be busy and active learners.  In math we are continuing to learn about multi-digit multiplication.  We will be focusing on multiplying numbers by 10, 100, and 1,000.  Then we will be moving into division with remainders.  Students need to be able to reason about their answers and think critically when solving word problems.  We are also still working on learning our multiplication facts.   Spending just 5-10 minutes each night reviewing those facts can really help.  We are at the point where we expect the students to know their facts.  If they don’t, it will slow down the math process.

For reading, please continue to work with your student to read for at least twenty minutes each night and then have them summarize what they read in about three sentences.

In Social Studies we are working on learning about the regions of the United States. Students are having a lot of fun.

In Science, we will learn how to map the Earth’s surface and about natural resources. After that we will be moving into energy and circuits. We hope to be doing many hands on lessons with the students to really get their minds thinking about science in a new way!

We are looking forward to the fourth grade music program. We hope you will be able to come on Nov. 16 as the students have really been working hard on their parts.

We hope all families have a safe and happy Thanksgiving.


In math this month, fifth graders will learn to apply varied strategies to multi-digit multiplication and division. To help strengthen those skills, we encourage you to provide real and meaningful examples of how and when your student will use multiplication and division. Your child could also help you estimate the cost of groceries at the store by rounding amounts and finding their totals or help you decide how to split a special dessert among the family members. Another great resource that you can try at home is This is a free website where students can practice their mental math facts. Set up two accounts and challenge one another at home! Thank you for your continued support strengthening your child’s math skills.

In reading, we continue to focus on comprehension skills including summarizing. Keep encouraging your child to READ! READ! READ! They should be reading for at least 20 minutes every evening and filling out a response form for their reading class.

Social Studies will take a turn this quarter as students learn about early world exploration and the beginning of American exploration. They will be using strategies learned in our informational writing unit to help them research an explorer!

In Science, students will continue investigations of the Earth and Sun. We invite you to challenge your student to identify how the Earth’s rotation and revolution impact phenomena such as the changing seasons, star patterns, and shadows! Next, we will move into an exploration of mixtures and solutions as November comes to an end.



Our students are currently in the middle of a unique instructional unit known as “sport stacking” (also known as cup stacking).  Through various games, stations, and challenges, students will experience how stacking is great for improving hand-eye coordination, concentration, hand speed, dexterity, goal-setting, and perseverance. Research has also shown that there is a positive correlation between stacking and improved academics, as it involves “crossing the midline” and coordinating both sides of the brain which boosts cognitive function. This is a good “rainy day” activity that students can enjoy at home and a great alternative to video games or other more sedentary activities. Stacking has become a part of the culture and identity of Ware as all our classrooms use stacking for parties, indoor recess, and brain breaks. On November 9th, students will also be participating in an annual event known as World Stack Up Day in which we join students from around the world in a Guinness World Record attempt for “most people stacking in multiple locations in one day”. Our students will be participating in stacking fitness games, challenges, and tournaments during their physical education time. To learn more about this event, visit

If you are interested in purchasing a set of stacking cups for your child at a discounted rate then we will be sending home information about our group order.  A great gift idea around the holiday season! Watch videos and learn more about the exciting world of sport stacking at!

Mr. Derek Scott

Miss Mariah Wheaton


The music rooms have been busy as the fourth graders prepare for their program “On Our Way To Awesome!” which they will present on Thursday, November 16, 2017, at 6:00 pm.  We hope you can join us in the  Ware Auditorium for this musical revue featuring songs about being the best we can be.

December is just around the corner and that means the Nutcracker has invaded the fifth grade music classes. Students are singing and dancing their way through Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker Suite and will present the 10th annual performance of this holiday music on December 14, 2017 at 6:00 p.m.

Kindergarten through third grade students continue to improve their singing, dancing, instrument playing and music reading skills. Second semester the kindergarten, first and second grade students will present their music programs.

More information will be sent home with the students as their programs approach and all performance dates are available on the Ware website.

We would like to welcome Kodi Shouse to Ware. He is a music student intern from Kansas State University in Mrs. Gillespie’s room until Dec. 8. Mr. Shouse is excited to be working with all grade levels of students at Ware in their musical studies!

Your Music Teachers,

Susan Gillespie

Zachary Seckman 

KSU Intern, Kodi Shouse


Ware Bears are amazing!  During the first two months of school, Ware Bears have passed 1,692 Reading Counts tests for a total of 7,474,883 words read.  WOW!  Encourage your student(s) in grades 1-5 to read a “dot book” and take a Reading Counts test.  A “dot book” illustrates the Lexile Level of the book.  It also indicates that there is a Reading Counts test available for them to take on the computer at school.  If you would like to see if a book has a Reading Counts test, visit

Kindergarten classes are continuing their weekly lessons in the library.  Throughout the month of October, Kindergarten students learned how to turn the computers on, log on and navigate the internet to the Ware Elementary Media Center website.  We have been practicing finding letters on the keyboard by playing Keyboarding Zoo on the website  There are many educational games on that website students may play at home!  They also have the opportunity to check out one new book each week when they return their previous one.  Check with their homeroom teacher to find out their library day.  You can help remind them to bring their books back so they are able to checkout a new book.

First Grade has also been practicing computer and literacy skills in the library.  They have passed 192 Reading Counts tests the first two and a half months of school.  Most first graders will read a “black dot book.”  This is a Lexile in the 0-99 range.  They have been doing a great job!

Second graders have been learning about Digital Citizenship and what it means to have good Nettiquette.  We discussed manners in the real world and having good manners online.

Grades three through five have been practicing good netiquette online and they have demonstrated they are using their technology responsibly.   Encourage your students to follow the Internet Safety rules at home!  These rules can be found on the Ware Elementary website.  Click on the “Media Center” link at the top.

Thank you so much for making our book fair a success!  It was fun having the opportunity to chat with many of you and we appreciate your support for our school!!!  The Book Fair helps to provide our library, classrooms and students with more books.

Veronica Wait – Library Media Specialist

Mrs. Kidwell & Mrs. Gimble – Library Clerks


I have many things to be thankful for and at the top of my list is having the opportunity to care for your Childs school health needs. They are truly a bright spot in my life.

As the flu season approaches please stress the importance of good hand washing to your Ware Bears.

Hand Washing Tips

  • Wash before eating and cooking
  • Wash after touching animals
  • Wash after using the restroom
  • Wash after blowing nose, coughing or sneezing
  • Use warm water
  • Use soap and lather for 10-15 seconds, make it fun by singing the ABC’s
  • Use colorful soaps made for kids, some even come in fun shapes and scents
  • Make sure to get in between your fingers, under your nails and around your wrist
  • Rinse and dry with clean towel.

It’s not always easy to tell the difference between a cold/flu, but here are some general symptoms that may help differentiate between them:

Flu Symptoms Cold Symptoms
· Sudden Onset

· High Fever

· Severe Exhaustion

· Dry Cough

· Headache

· Decreased Appetite

· Muscle aches

· Chills

· Usually no sore throat

· Slow Onset

· No (or mild) Fever

· Mild Exhaustion

· Severe or Hacking Cough

· Usually no headache

· Normal appetite

· Usually no muscle aches

· Usually no chills

· Sore throat

Important note: Symptoms vary from child to child; call your child’s healthcare provider if you suspect the flu .


I still need immunization records and physicals from many of you. You should have already received a letter informing you of what I need for your child/children. If you did not receive a letter then you are good to go this round.

I am still in need of gently used pants: Boys  sizes 5-12 and Girls sizes 5-7, New boys underwear size small and New girl underwear sizes 4-6.

Karen Roles – School Nurse


As first quarter came to an end, we had a chance to take a look at the progress our students have been making toward their speech and language goals since the start of the year. We are pleased to see so much improvement and so much effort from each of our students, and much of that improvement is because students are targeting their goals in a variety of environments. Please continue practicing speech words with your students at home- it makes a big difference in their rate of progress. Language skills can also be targeted at home in a variety of ways. Simple habits, like talking about events of the day, cooking dinner together and talking about the steps, or asking questions about events in stories you read together, are excellent ways to improve language skills in daily activities.

We will spend time this month talking about upcoming events and holidays because they are fun ways to incorporate new vocabulary. Speech will be filled with Thanksgiving-themed books and activities this month, so be sure to ask your child about what we’re up to! And as always, please feel free to contact me with any questions you have about your student’s progress in Speech & Language.

Laura Thompson – SLP

Brittany Chatmon – SLP-Assistant


Ware Mart will be open on Fridays before school.  Student Council sells school supplies with prices ranging from $0.25 to $5.00.  All profits will be used for school projects and community service by the Student Council.  All Ware Bears may shop, but must eat breakfast first.

Spirit Day: Our next Spirit Day will be on November 3rd  and it will be WEAR BRIGHT COLORS

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