4th Grade Music At Ware

Fourth graders singing

Ware Elementary fourth grade students performed their musical program, “On Our Way To Awesome,” on Thursday afternoon, November 16, 2017 for the students and staff at Ware and again that evening for family and friends. The students sang a collection of songs about what it takes to be the best you can be and becoming awesome. Song selections included: Right Here! Right Now!BraveBe A Star!My ShotThanks and On Our Way To Awesome. Several students served as narrators to read the concert etiquette poem and to introduce each song. Three students were featured as the rappers on My Shot which is from the musical HamiltonBe A Star also featured three student soloists. All of the students looked and sounded awesome!

The students have been working on the songs and choreography in music class for the past month. Mr. Seckman and Mrs. Gillespie, Ware Elementary teachers and Mr. Shouse, KSU Music Intern, prepared the students for the program and conducted the two performances. A special shout out to the fourth grade teachers for being so flexible and to Mr. Scott, Ms. Wheaton and Ms. Weiser who helped when we had our rehearsals in the gym. Their support of the music programs is truly appreciated.

Article provided by Susan Gillespie, Music Teacher at Ware Elementary

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