Winter Wonderland at Ware

Bulletin board that says, "The Media Center is SNOW much fun."

Staff at Ware Elementary surprised students with an array of whimsical and beautiful winter decorations on December 1, 2017. The staff spent weeks making decorations with students and on their own to prepare what I could only describe as a wonderful treat to all who walk the halls at Ware. Then, yesterday, November 30, 2017, staff stayed after school to put up all the posters, trees, lights, and decor so that students could come to school and see a Winter Wonderland. What a fitting surprise for the first day of December! The decorations also included hundreds of snowflakes, reindeer, and photos of students at Ware. This annual event is something everyone looks forward to and is a great way to bring the joy that comes with winter to all who enter the building. Great job Ware Bears!

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