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Dear Parents,

We would like to welcome you back to the second semester of the 2017-18 school year.  We hope that you were all able to take some time away from the hustle and bustle of daily life and just enjoy one another.  As we finished out the end of our second semester, we said goodbye to over 50 students.  It is our hope that with this transition we will be able to welcome some new Ware Bears to our family.  With that in mind, I want to encourage everyone to remember how critical it is to have positive contact with your child’s teacher.  We know that there is a correlation between parent involvement and student performance.  Students need to know that their parent and teacher have a working relationship that is focused on their learning.  This sets the expectation for students that everyone wants to see them succeed in their educational career.  If you are returning to Ware or are starting new, I encourage you to stay in contact with your child’s teacher to foster that working relationship.

As we transition back to school, it is important that everyone works to develop routines and schedules that allow our students to be successful.  Set specific bed times for students, so that they become routine.  We know that it is critical for students to get 9-11 hours of sleep a night.  This at times can become a challenge, creating that nightly routine will help with that struggle.  Shutting down technology before students go to sleep is critical, not having access to the technology supports falling asleep sooner, sleeping at a deeper level, and more energy during the day.  Also, talk to your child about ways they can help the transition run smoother.  Provide them with opportunities to get everything they need for the next morning laid out or packed ready to go.  This makes the mornings run much smoother as there is no extra stress of trying to do everything in a short period of time.  Encourage your students to set a personal goal for school in the next couple of weeks.  This will provide them with an area of focus as they return back to school.

This second semester will fly by, so please make sure you stay involved in your child’s education.  Support them by checking their backpacks every night, asking them about their day, and staying in communication with the school.  We will work just as hard on our end to ensure that they are being provided with the best education, care, and support possible each and everyday.

Alicia Scofield

Assistant Principal


We cannot believe we are half way through the school year! With the start of the New Year we are learning and experiencing many new things in kindergarten; including reading, teen numbers, decomposing numbers, along with addition and subtraction.

In reading we are using the letter sounds we have learned to blend and sound out words around us and in our Shared Stories.  The students are also learning Red Words, which are words we just have to remember by sight.  Students are excited to be reading independently, to get the opportunity to read to the class, and to practice reading by sharing these stories with someone at home! A new Shared Story will come home weekly in students Ware Bear folders along with the Read and Respond sheet to be completed nightly as reading homework.

Students are working hard to form sentences in their journals and during writing.  Along with sounding out words, some things we have been working on are capitalization at the beginning of the sentences and punctuation at the end, as well as spacing between words.

In math, we are counting everyday and becoming very good with numbers! We will start learning about teen numbers, and continuing to work on decomposing and composing numbers.  Kindergarteners will begin working on solving subtraction and addition word problems.

At the beginning of January be looking for second quarter report cards to be coming home with your student.

On January 29th, we will be celebrating Kansas Day with some special activities to help us learn about the great state we live in.


We cannot believe that we are through half of the school year already! The first graders have been working so hard and they have made some amazing gains throughout the year thus far. With the winter season nearly upon us, we want to remind everyone to bundle up before they leave the house. It is essential that the students are in school the entire school day, as whenever they are gone they miss out on a great deal of instruction.

During the month of January the students will begin ordering and comparing length measurements as numbers. They will build conceptual understanding of the need for standard measurement, beginning with centimeters. They will follow that unit up with beginning to study, organize, and manipulate numbers up to 40 by using tens and ones. Students will also begin using the symbols for greater than (>) and less than (<), as well as focus on addition and subtraction of tens, and finally they will use familiar strategies to add two digit and single digit numbers within 40.

The first grade teachers are incredibly pleased with the gains your student is making in reading. Please continue to read with your child for a minimum of 20 minutes each day.

Remember to stay informed on inclement weather updates that may result in early dismissal or school closings. All of us in first grade would like to wish you a fantastic, safe and happy new year 2018!


We welcome our second graders back from Winter break!  We will take some time to review procedures and expectations to help make the second half of the year as successful as the first!

This quarter in math students will be working towards adding and subtracting within 1,000 with word problems to 100.  Students will also continue working on addition and subtraction fact fluency to 20.

In reading we will continue to improve our skills in comprehension, fluency, and sight words.  All students should be reading 20 minutes every night and completing a Read and Respond form.  This daily reading homework is essential to help students become even better readers than they already are.

Students will revisit the genre of narrative writing and try their hand at poetry.  You can help your child improve their writing skill by having them journal at home about family experiences.

In science we’ll continue our Solids and Liquids Investigation using our new FOSS science curriculum.  The students (and teachers) are enjoying the hands on approach to learning.  We’ll enjoy several activities at the end of the month to help celebrate Kansas Day.

As we all know in Kansas you can never expect the weather to be the same from one day to the next. Students will be outside for morning line up and recess so please make sure your child is coming to school with the appropriate apparel for very cold and windy days.  You can find information on the district website about the weather reports and school cancellations. It will be a very fun month with exciting new things going on all around us!


Here we are -half way through the school year, wow! We have had a great first half of the year and excited to see the progress with our third graders.  As we begin the third quarter, we will start learning new and exciting things.  In math we will begin the semester working with the area model of multiplication and finding the area of shapes.

In writing, we will be working on opinion writing and using facts to support these opinions.

We will continue to work on Forces and Motion in Science.  Ask your child about the different “systems” they have explored in science class.

Please help your student remember to keep reading for 20 minutes each night.  You can also ask your child how they are doing on Reading Counts tests.  They should be taking them on the books they are checking out from the library.  It is most helpful if these are in their Lexile range (or their “dot”) so they are challenged appropriately.

We are so excited to continue exploring and using our devices.  The students are doing great with PC responsibility.  Our hope is that students continue to demonstrate appropriate use and care of their devices.

Please let your child’s teacher know if you have any questions or concerns!  Communication between school and home is a vital part of your child’s education.


We hope that your break was fun and refreshing.  The Ware Bear fourth graders are continuing to be busy and active learners.  In Math we will be starting to learn about fractions.  We are learning to understand equivalent fractions.  We will also be moving into adding and subtracting fractions.  Students really need to be able to reason about their answers and think critically when solving word problems.  The more “how” and “why” questions you can ask them about their math, the better they will become at reasoning and explaining.  Please continue to have students practice their multiplication facts. Spending just 5-10 minutes each night reviewing those facts can really help.

In Social Studies we are working on learning all about the Mid-West part of the United States.   Students should have a lot of fun learning about places they may someday live or visit.  In Science we are continuing to learn about energy. We will be doing many hands on lessons with the students to really get their minds thinking about science in a new way!

Thank you for all you continue to do to help your students to be successful in fourth grade!  Here are a few websites that we use in class that they can also access at home to practice math and reading skills:


student.frontrowed.com; us.educationcity.com; sumdog.com

As always please let us know if you will be gone for block leave or if you will be moving so that we can have everything ready for your student.  Our thoughts are with those families who have a loved one deployed.


We hope you enjoyed time with family during the Winter break!  January is going to be another busy month.  In math, students will continue to add and subtract fractions. In social studies, students continue to study exploration and are moving into the colonization of the Americas.

Science will focus on mixtures and solutions as well as the properties of matter. Please help your child meet the expectation of reading for 20 minutes every night and filling out a Read and Respond (R&R) form.  Students that forget to bring a blank R&R home may write their summary on any piece of paper.

Please mark your calendars, as the second quarter awards assembly is going to be held on January 11th at 9:00 am, in Gym II. This year, fifth graders will have the opportunity to attend a special program of the Freedom Writers being performed at McCain in Manhattan, KS. There is also a Barn Dance scheduled for the evening of January 25th. Look for more information on both these events later this month.

State testing is also approaching quickly.  We have scheduled testing in April; specific dates will be announced soon. It will be important that students are here on time and well rested.  It is very difficult to make-up tests for students who aren’t here.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact your student’s teacher.



We are on our way to a fun semester in P.E. for the New Year. In the third quarter of the school year we will shift our focus to motor skill proficiency. This includes skills such as throwing and catching, jumping rope, kicking, dribbling, passing, and striking. The lower grade levels focus on mastering the critical elements of the various fundamental movement skills while upper grade levels start to focus on accuracy and tactical skills in more dynamic environments such as during gameplay. By helping students practice these skills at school and at home, we can help students increase their confidence, perceived competency, and enjoyment of various types of physical activity.

For a complete list of the K-12 physical education national standards and grade-level outcomes, visit https://www.shapeamerica.org/standards/pe

Mr. Derek Scott


Miss Mariah Wheaton




Welcome to 2018 from the Ware music department. We would also like to welcome Ryan Moos, KSU Music Student Intern who will be with us until early March. This semester most classes will be learning how to play the classroom instruments, barred instruments, recorders and ukuleles. We will also be working on music reading skills.

There are several performances second semester and more information will be sent home with students as their performances get closer. On Feb. 3, seven Ware Elementary fifth graders will represent our school as part of the North Central Kansas Music Educators Association Elementary Honor Choir at the Junction City Middle School. Second grade students will have their performance on Feb. 15; first grade will perform on April 19; and Kindergarten will perform on May 10. All grade-level performances are at 6:00 p.m. in the Ware Elementary Auditorium, located in th Gym II.

The Magic Tree House, Knight At Dawn, a musical play, will be presented on Tuesday, April 10 at 1:30 and 6:00.  Fourth and fifth graders in the 21st Century After-School Program will be performing this entertaining musical for you. More information will sent home regarding this performance.

Your Music Teachers,

Susan Gillespie   SusanGillespie@usd475.org

Zachary Seckman   ZacharySeckman@usd475.org 

KSU Intern, Ryan Moos


December was an exciting month in the library!  Students learned about computer programming during the week of December 4 as we participated in the Hour of Code.  Students practiced coding on the website code.org.  According to their website, “Code.org increases diversity in computer science by reaching students of all backgrounds where they are — at their skill-level, in their schools, and in ways that inspire them to keep learning.”  I encourage you to have your student(s) check out code.org at home!

Another engaging website for computer programming is tynker.com.  They share that, “Programming is a basic literacy in the digital age.  Kids are growing up in a very different world than that of their parents. Cellphones, computers, Youtube, Netflix, and Facebook are embedded in their daily lives. Even toys are digital, and many are programmable, such as Legos and the new-generation LeapFrogs.  It is one thing to know how to use these technologies. It’s another, however, to understand the logic behind them. When learning to program, kids understand and tinker with the digital world they inhabit. Coding draws back the seeming ‘magic’ of technology so they can truly understand the logic and science that controls this technology–a discovery that is all the more magical.  Our reliance on technology will only increase.  The students of today must be able to not only passively consume this technology, but also to understand and control it, becoming an active part of this huge digital shift.”

January is a busy month in the library.  Kindergarteners will be creating their first green screen project.  With this assignment, students will have their picture taken and learn how to remove the background.  Then they will place themselves with a picture of the sun or the moon.  The finished project is a picture that appears as though they are on the sun or moon.

Students in all grades will continue learning how to be responsible digital citizens.  For more information on digital citizenship, check out netsmartzkids.org and commonsensemedia.org.

Please continue encouraging your student(s) in grades 1-5 to read a “dot book” and take a Reading Counts test.  A “dot book” illustrates the Lexile Level of the book.  It also indicates that there is a Reading Counts test available for them to take on the computer at school.  To learn more about reading counts, explore scholastic.com/readingcounts.

Veronica Wait – Library Media Specialist

Mrs. Kidwell & Mrs. Gimble – Library Clerks



Brrr… It’s cold outside! Please make sure your Ware Bears dress warmly and have hats and gloves to keep little ears and fingers warm.  As we start this New Year please remember to get those physicals and immunizations turned in to the Health office.

It can be confusing sometimes when you are trying to decide if you should keep your child home for illness. The following is a list of




1) If your child has a constant heavy cough or if nasal drainage is thick and colorful.  You should speak to a Doctor before returning to school.

2) If your child has a fever of 100 degrees or above, please keep them home until they are fever free for 24hrs. They will need plenty of rest, fluids, and possible medical evaluation.

3) If your child is vomiting or has uncontrolled diarrhea, please keep them home until they are 24hrs free of symptoms.

4) If your child has fevers with rash speak to your Doctor before allowing them to come to school.

5)  If your child has strep throat, pink eye, or a bacterial infection they will need to be on medication for 24hrs before returning to school.

6) If you suspect your child has ringworm please treat the area with appropriate medication and cover with band aid.

If in doubt feel free to give me a call, I will do my best to guide you.

To stay healthy it is essential to eat 3 balanced meals a day and get plenty of rest. In our busy lives I know how hard this can be. It is especially important during this time of year, we all have to make an extra special effort so all of our little and big Ware Bears will remain healthy and strong and ready to learn.

Karen Roles – School Nurse


I hope you and your family have enjoyed a restful winter break. I cannot believe the school year is already half over. This month, the students in Speech & Language will be spending some time talking about the Winter Season. Changes in seasons allow for excellent opportunities to grow and develop speech and language skills. Your students will be participating in activities and reading books that have to do with the season of winter and the vocabulary that goes along with it. Some of our favorites include “Bear Snores On” and “The Mitten.” As you read books with your children, always be on the lookout for words that contain your child’s target speech sounds and opportunities to ask questions about the pictures and events in the story.

Laura Thompson – SLP

Brittany Chatmon – SLP-Assistant


Ware Mart will be open on Fridays before school.  Student Council sells school supplies with prices ranging from $0.25 to $5.00.  All profits will be used for school projects and community service by the Student Council.  All Ware Bears may shop, but must eat breakfast first.

Spirit Day: Our next Spirit Day will be on January 5 and it will be DISNEY DAY


Ware Elementary is a Professional Development School in Partnership with Kansas State University.  This fall we will have teacher interns from Kansas State University in our building. The cooperating teacher and clinical instructor at Ware work with the intern in the areas of planning and preparation, classroom environment, instruction, and professionalism.   We are pleased to welcome the following interns to Ware for the spring 2018 semester;

Colton Leikam

Mr. Scott in Physical Educ.

Ryan Moos

Mrs. Gillespie in Music

Grace Lady

Miss Willems in Kindergarten

Jynelle Powell

Mr. Woodard in 1st Grade

Shawna Vakadewatah

Mrs. Scott in 1st Grade

Allyson Keck

Ms. Schoen in 1st Grade

Ally Bogen

Miss Dreher in 1st Grade

Lauren Schmoll

Miss Francis in 1st Grade

Bridgett Kelly

Miss Keller in 3rd Grade

Lydia Mounts

Mrs. Kelly in 3rd Grade

Ware will also have students from the Master’s in Teaching program completing their internship following their fall practicum experience at Ware.

These students include;

Angela Porritt

Mr. Scruggs in Kindergarten

Timothy Whelan

Mrs. Larson in 2nd Grade

Kady Nunn

Mr. Larson in 3rd Grade

Liz Thomas

Mrs. Deville in 5th Grade


Mrs. Ruffley

KSU Clinical Instructor

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