Interactive Session at Ware Elementary

Interactive Session Audience

Ware Elementary hosted their first Interactive Session with parents on Thursday, April 12, 2018. They partnered with Irwin Army Community Hospital to present on “Understanding Your Child’s Behavior”.

The following article was written by Dana Williamson, Assistant Principal at Ware Elementary.

Understanding Your Child’s Behavior

Irwin Army Community Hospital’s School Based Behavioral Health provider, Melissa J. Davis, LCSW presented to a group of parents and educators on the different halves of the brain and how those halves affect the whole of the child and their behaviors.  Using the strategy, “name it to tame it,” Melissa discussed how children react to situations from an emotional state and when parents respond to the emotions (right brain) then they are able to introduce logic (left brain) to the situation and decrease acting out behaviors.  One of the key concepts is for parents to recognize children will act out and standing firm with choices and consequences while acknowledging the feelings will help decrease the intensity and duration of the behaviors.  The other key concept is to acknowledge and appreciate the child’s successes throughout the day while still addressing the unwanted behavior.  The combination of these two concepts will improve parental responses to triggering events and enhance the parent/child relationship.