May eNewsletter


Dear Parents,


As I begin to write this last letter of the school year on this sunny April day, I am keenly aware of how quickly the year has passed and how strong my desire is to be reflective on the successes and challenges we have faced.  My mind immediately goes to the depths of sadness as we faced the loss of our beloved fifth grade teacher Miss Taylor and our commitment to keeping her memory alive in our hearts.  On a personal note, I cannot help but think of the joy my grandson’s birth brought me personally in the fall.  In between, there were many other opportunities for a variety of emotions.  We are in the process of saying good-bye to many of our staff and students as their lives take them to other locations.  We have already hired our new staff for next school year and are preparing for their introduction to our school.  While the school year was typical in the opportunities brought forth, it was a successful year for our staff and students.  This causes me to reflect on how we measure success.

Our academic student performance looks solid, yet is that an accurate measurement?  Our climate surveys and polls were quite positive, yet do they reflect what we value?  As I sat here wondering what is a true and accurate measurement of the school year, I determined it may be found in what surrounds me this very moment as I attempt to reflect.  I can hear a conversation in the office between students and secretaries that include laughter.  I peek down the hall and see the office staff fixing a breakfast for a student who had a rough morning and is late to school.  I can also hear the school nurse offering a calm and soothing voice to a child in need of medical care.  I am watching a class outside my window as a teacher assists the students in examining the pinecones which have fallen from a tree and another teacher is conducting an experiment with her class on the basketball court.  The students and teachers are all smiling and obviously enjoying one another.  I can hear a soft conversation in the office next to mine as the social worker and assistant principal discuss the measures they are going to put in place to assist a young mom with four children while her husband is deployed and one child faces a medical crisis.  My writing was interrupted four times by staff asking very relevant and purposeful questions regarding student concerns.  Suddenly, the appropriate measurement of the school year was obvious.

I am completely surrounded by kindness.   A genuine desire to help not hurt, nurture not abandon, and lift not judge.  The measurement of our school for some may indeed be our academic success, our positive survey results or our lack of parent complaints.  Yet for us, our success is rooted in the fact we have created an environment where all really care for one another and are not just going through the motions.  How do we select such caring staff members?  We have to want for all children what we would want for our own loved ones.  And that is the simple yet dynamic path to a kind and compassionate staff.  We are successful because we are surrounded by those who truly care.

Thank you so much for sharing your child with us this school year.  Please have a very safe and happy summer break.  We look forward to seeing you in August.  Look for enrollment information in this newsletter.


Dr. Deb Gustafson



Our year in Kindergarten is coming to an end and we could not be more proud of the progress all of our students have made this year.  We started the year with learning letter sounds, drawing pictures and learning about our numbers from 0-5.  Now we are reading books independently, sounding out words, recognizing common sight words, and doing daily reading homework just like what will be required at every other grade.   Kindergartens have learned to identify, count, and decompose and compose our numbers to 20 and beyond. We are now adding and subtracting as well as manipulating numbers in a variety of other ways to better understand their meaning. All of these newly acquired skills will guide our students through first grade and all the grades to follow.  The love of learning that they have established will only make school easier and a happier place to be.

As we approach summer, we encourage parents to continue having school related routines to help students prepare for the next grade.  Reading every night is very important as it will help students retain the sight words they already know.  There are some great community library programs available that promote summer reading.  We also suggest having your child write daily.  This could be as simple as giving them a pencil, some crayons, and a plain piece of paper and having them write you a story and read it to you. Students have learned to add and subtract by drawing pictures, listening to story problems and using objects around them and can practice doing this at home as well.

Of course, along with maintaining some school routines during the upcoming summer, we hope that you and your family have a relaxing, safe, and fun-filled summer.  It has been a privilege to teach and get to know every single student this year.


Teachers Rock!

 Mr. Scruggs

Miss Willems

Mrs. Conder

Mrs. Clinesmith

Miss Leadbetter

SPED Teacher

Mrs. Felton

KSU Intern

Grace Lady



We cannot believe how fast this year has gone! We will begin our end of the year testing the first week of May. Please make sure your child is getting a good night’s rest and eating a healthy breakfast.

Lions, tigers, and bears! OH MY! On Wednesday, May 23rd, the first graders are headed to Salina to hang out with the animals at Rolling Hills Zoo. Look in your child’s Ware Bear folder for detailed information and permission slips.

Thank you for all your support this year. It has been a wonderful year! We look forward to seeing our bears next year in 2nd grade and best wishes to those moving toward a new adventure. Have a safe and happy summer


Your First

Grade Team!


Ms. Schoen

Mrs. Scott

Miss Francis

Mr. Woodard

Miss Dreher


SPED Teacher

Mrs. Felton


KSU Interns

Jynelle Powell

Shawna Vakadewatabua

Allyson Keck

Ally Bogen



It’s hard to believe that another school year has almost passed.  Yet here we are at the end of another amazing year of second grade!  There are so many exciting things to look forward to in May.

Second graders will be taking district math and reading tests at the beginning of the month to show how much they’ve grown this year.  Please make sure they are at school and well rested so they can do their best!  In writing we’ll explore letter writing and opinion writing.

There are several important dates to mark on your calendars for the month of May.  Field Day will be on the 17th.  The second grade classes will take their field trip to the Kansas Discovery Center in Topeka on either the 22nd or 23rd.  A note telling which day your child’s class is going and with more information will be sent home soon.  The fourth quarter awards assembly will be on the 24th which is also the last full day of school.

We would like to thank you for all of your support this year.  We’re always amazed to look back over the year and celebrate all the growth and accomplishments of our students.  Please help your child prepare for third grade by encouraging them to read and be active this summer.

 Have a safe and relaxing summer!

Your Second

Grade  Team


Mrs. Larson

Miss Buchanan

Miss Smith

Miss Kern


SPED Teacher

Mrs. Parker


It is really hard to believe that we are entering the final month of the school year! The students worked very hard to complete the State Assessments.  We are so proud of their accomplishments and all that they have learned this year!  We will be working hard to prepare for Fourth Grade by practicing skills they will need for next year. Fact families in multiplication/division and addition/subtraction, telling time and counting money are all important skills that you can practice with your child at home.  Also, please remember to encourage your child to read nightly for 20 minutes.  It’s a good habit for them to keep in the summer too!

On Friday, May 4th, third graders will be participating in Geary County Ag Day.  We will spend the morning learning about Agriculture in the state of Kansas and our community.  On Wednesday, May 16th third graders will take a field trip to the Milford Nature Center to experience Kansas nature and wildlife.    We are looking forward to all of these special activities in the month of May!

Third Grade



Mr. Larson

Mrs. Kelly

Miss Keller

Mrs. Oleen

Miss Hoover


SPED Teacher

Mrs. Parker


KSU Intern

Bridgett Kelly

Lydia Mounts


May finds us happy that all state testing is completed. We are so proud of the effort our students gave on each and every test.  They did an outstanding job. Of course, even though testing is over, we are still learning new skills each and every day at school, so we all need to continue being at school and on time.  We have some fun science projects planned for the end of the year as well as our grade level pizza party.  We will be visiting the Topeka Zoo on May 11 so if you    have not received a permission slip yet please be on the lookout! As always, we are looking forward to participating in the annual Ware Field Day on May 17. Student’s last day of school is May 24. As the year winds down, we would like to thank all of our parents for their support throughout the school year.  We want to wish safe travels to our families that are moving and we will miss you! Thank you for sharing your children with us, we have enjoyed getting to know them. We hope you have a safe and happy summer!

Fourth Grade


Mrs. Hilton

Mrs. Temaat

Miss Maley

Mrs. Kaus


SPED Teacher

Miss William



It is hard to believe that our school year is already coming to a close.  We are proud of all the effort from our students this year. Fifth graders worked very hard on state assessments.  May will be another month full of learning and activities here in fifth grade.  In math we will continue to build on concepts needed for middle school, including the properties of two-dimensional shapes.  In reading, we will continue to practice those skills that increase reading comprehension and fluency.  The skills practiced at school also need to be practiced at home with nightly read and respond homework.

Our May calendar will also include many special events.  We will hold our final quarterly incentive with a trip to Moon Lake on May 14. Additional information about how students earn this trip was sent home in April.  Field Day will be held on May 17, as students display their athletic and sportsmanship skills.   A Promotion and Awards Ceremony will be held for the fifth grade students during the day on May 22 at 2:00.  Please watch for notes with more details about these and other upcoming special events.

We are excited to see what the future holds for this amazing group of fifth grade students.  Thank you for helping to make this a wonderful school year!

 Your Fifth

Grade Team


Mrs. Deville

Mrs. Klise

Miss Jimerson


SPED Teacher

Miss William





On May 17th, we will be having fun in the sun at    the all day Ware Elementary Field Day! Students will spend the day with their class and one other class for a variety of exciting activities that includes human bowling, yoga, limbo, yard games, and a few surprises!  All station activities are appropriate and enjoyable for all grade levels.

We will begin with a short assembly in the new gym to get everybody pumped up before heading out to our morning stations. After the two hours regular lunch break, we will finish with afternoon stations. Feel free to come and enjoy the day with us as we celebrate a fantastic year of exploring the world through movement!

    Please plan to keep the children safe from the sun with a hat and/or sunscreen and make certain that they are wearing appropriate and comfortable attire such as athletic shorts, t-shirt, and tennis shoes. Please do not send students to school in dresses or sandals as we want everyone to be at their best for the entire day! In the event of inclement weather we will switch to our “plan B” which will move all stations indoors, so t

Mr. Derek Scott

Miss Mariah Wheaton



Wow! Is it May already? The tempo of this school year has been so fast we cannot believe it’s almost over. We could not be happier with the students’ efforts during preparation and actual programs. For our final music program,  Kindergarten students will be performing “I Went Walking,” which is adapted from a book of the same title.  Following the program, they will also have the Awards Assembly. The Kindergarten students have been working hard in preparing to entertain all who are able to attend on May 10th at 6:00 p,m.

The music classes have been busy studying composers both old and new and playing instruments found at home, in the trash and at the junk yard. We have been learning about Stomp and how music is all around. As we begin to close out another wonderful year of music we want to thank all of those who have made an effort to attend the music programs and support your student’s hard work. We could not do it without you.

We would also like to thank all parents, staff and students who were involved with the musical “The Magic Tree House- Knight At Dawn.”  This performance would not have happened without the support and participation of all involved. We hope to carry on and give future Ware Bears the opportunity to perform in a Ware musical.

As summer approaches, opportunities are around for students to be involved in music. Summer theater is once again available at the C.L. Hoover Opera House in Junction City. The youth group (grades 2-3-4-5) meets in the afternoons from 1:00-4:00 from May 25 to June 15 with performances on June 14 & 15. This year the show will be “Jungle Book.”  There is a mandatory parent informational meeting on Sunday, May 6, at 3:00 pm in the Opera House Rehearsal Hall. Go to or JCLT Office for registration forms. ​


Your Music Teachers,

Susan Gillespie

Deborah Hammond



This has been one busy year in the library!!!  Our Ware Bears have checked out over 23,000 books and passed over 4300 Reading Counts tests.  Needless to say, our Bears ROCK!!!  Let’s help them continue this outstanding progress through the summer.  There is a summer reading program at Dorothy Bramlage Public Library in Junction City.  Check it out!  Another way to support reading over the summer is to stock up on affordable books!  We will have a “BOGO” Scholastic Book Fair.  You read that right!  Everything at the Book Fair will be Buy One Get One Free!  The book fair will run May 14–16 from 3:15–4:30 and during Field Day, May 17 (8:00-2:00).  Hope to see you then!

Kindergarten will continue their weekly library lessons.  Thank you for helping them learn to be responsible with their library books this year!  We hope that by visiting the library at least once each week, we have helped your students foster a love of books and learning.  This month Kindergarten classes will learn how to use a program called Microsoft Paint.  This is a free download on the Microsoft Store.

All grades will continue to learn about digital citizenship.  We encourage you to check out the website  Common Sense is dedicated to helping kids thrive in a world of media and technology.  Their goal is to empower parents, teachers, and policymakers by providing unbiased information, trusted advice, and innovative tools to help them harness the power of media and technology as a positive force in all kids’ lives.

Important Library Dates:

  • May 11 – Last Student check out day
  • May 17 – All Student books are due
  • May 23/24- Student Lenovos are due

BOGO” Scholastic Book Fair

 May 14 – 16

3:15 – 4:30 pm

May 17

8:00am – 2:00 pm

Everything at the Book Fair will be Buy One Get One Free! 


Veronica Wait – Library Media Specialist

Mrs. Kidwell & Mrs. Gimble – Library Clerks



As the school year comes to an end, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for ALL you have done to help me. Your generous donation of clothing, underwear and socks has been greatly appreciated! I have enjoyed working beside you to ensure your child has had a healthy and safe school experience.  There is a lot of excitement as our Ware Bears look forward to Summer vacation. We have a few items we need to take care of before the fun begins.

  • If you have physicals due after the last day of school please get these done over the Summer and have them ready to turn in next August.
  • Asthma letters for our fifth graders will be mailed home soon (only for students who used an inhaler at school this year).
  • For ALL students who have inhalers at school, I will need a new Asthma Action plan form from your Health Care Provider in August. Please check all inhalers for expiration dates.
  • For students who have Epi Pens at school, I will need a new Allergy Action Plan from your Health Care Provider in August. Please check your Epi Pens for expiration dates.
  • The Summer is a great time to get your child’s vision and dental checks done, as well as physicals and immunizations.


  • All medications will need to be picked up by a parent on the last day of school.  If not picked up the medication will be taken to a facility to be legally disposed of.
  • All inhalers will be sent home with your Child in a sealed envelope, unless you choose to pick it up. I will need to know if you are picking up inhalers. These will also be disposed of if not picked up.


Please feel free to give me a call or send me an e-mail if you have any questions. With summer comes exposure to sun, remember to apply sun screen about 15-30 minutes before going outside and don’t forget to apply to lips, ears and exposed scalp. Reapply sunscreen approximately every 2-3 hours.

Nurse Info:

  • All Medication MUST be picked up by a parent on the last day of school, May 24th. If not picked up the medication will be disposed of.
  • All Inhalers will be sent home with your student in a sealed envelope on the last day of school, May 24th.
  • Please advise the school Nurse by Phone/Email if you plan on picking up your child’s inhaler. Inhalers will also be disposed of if NOT picked up by a parent.


Parents are invited to attend Bear Buzz an interactive session on Thursday, May 16,  from 2:00-3:00


Dr. Wendy Hampton


Child care will be provided

Karen Roles – School Nurse


I know I say this every year, but this year has FLOWN by! I have been so happy to see the progress we have made in each of my students’ speech and language goals. If you are interested in receiving speech and language homework to help support your students’ growth this summer, please contact me via email or by calling the school and I would be happy to prepare materials for your  student.

May is an exciting month for speech-language pathologists- May is Better Hearing and Speech Month. Each May, Better Hearing & Speech Month (BHSM) provides an opportunity to raise awareness about communication    disorders and the role of SLPs and audiologists in providing life-altering treatment.

Did you know:

  • Many famous people overcame speech and articulation disorders, including Thomas Jefferson, Humphrey Bogart, Marilyn Monroe, Winston Churchill, and Elton John.
  • 1 in every 10 (28 million) Americans has some form of hearing loss.
  • By first grade, most children can understand about 10,000 words.
  • 1 out of every 700 newborns in the USA is affected by cleft lip and/or palate.
  • Autism is three to five times more common in males than females.

As always, feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns. Have a great BHSM and enjoy your summer!

 Laura Thompson, SLP     Amanda Barriga, SLP– A

Laura Thompson – SLP

Brittany Chatmon – SLP-Assistant


Spirit Day is Friday, May 4 – Star Wars Day!!  The last day for Ware Mart is May 11.


¨ All school fees must be paid by May 18th.

¨ Last Day of School is May 24th.

¨ Ask your student to check the lost and found box for any missing items.

¨ Check with the office if your child has any missing personal items such as glasses, telephone, electronics etc.





All enrollments are done online.

Get a head start on next school year!

Register your student by May 18th to be automatically entered in a raffle for a  Ware Bear Starter Kit.


Winners will be announced on May 24th. Kits include school supplies, Ware Pride items, and a few surprises!  Students eligible for the raffle include incoming kindergartners through current fourth graders. Students already registered have been entered.




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If you have any questions please feel free to call us at


Reduce Screen Time, Decrease Scream Time

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends screen time (tv, tablets, video games, etc) be no more than one to two hours per day.  More time in front of a screen has been linked to disruptive sleep patterns, obesity, a decrease in social skills and an increase in aggressive behavior.  With summer approaching, it is the perfect time to help your kids (and you) disconnect from the video screen and more time applying sun screen.  It is easy for kids to entertain themselves while watching tv or playing video games and we don’t realize the negative impact it has on them and on us.  Challenge yourself this summer and commit to reducing your child’s screen time and watch how their interactions and behaviors improve.

Children with ADHD are negatively impacted by screen time because they become used to the fast paced visual and auditory stimulation and are bored with real world stimulation.  In addition to being bored, too much screen time negatively impacts social skills and relationship building.  Some activities to replace screen time with is playing games together, sending your child outside to play, going to a park and continuing spending time on skills such as reading.  This increase in physical activity improves sleep and overall mood as well as strengthens family bonds and improves family interactions.

Some local activities for kids this summer are as follows:

Youth Fishing Clinic – June 1-2, Manhattan (contact

for enrollment)

First Tee of Manhattan – Tuesdays/Thursdays (contact Aaron Wall @


Summer Youth Moutain Biking Program – June/July (contact Jamie

Henningson @

Or you can contact Fort Riley’s Children and Youth Services @ 785-240-3261 for information on summer activities and  programs.


Wendy S. Hampton, DSW, LCSW

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