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We would like to welcome you back to the second semester of the 2018-2019 school year.  It is our hope that you were able to take some time to just enjoy one another.  The holiday season can be so busy and stressful that we often forget to take a breath and just enjoy our time together.  I know for myself it is very easy to get caught up in the craziness of life, the running kids around, the cleaning, the cooking, and the never-ending to-do list.  I promised myself that I would cherish our time together and set other things aside as our kids are not young forever and it is the time together that will be the memories they keep.

As we finished out the end of our first semester, we said goodbye to over 35 students.  We know within this transition that we will be welcoming new Bears into the family over the first couple weeks of January.  With that in mind, I want to encourage all parents to continue to keep in contact with your child’s teacher.  We know that student success in school is increased with the positive relationships and connection built between parents and the classroom teacher.  Students need to know that their parent and teacher have a working relationship that is focused on their learning in school.  This sets the expectation with students that we are all a team working towards one common goal.

I want to take a moment to celebrate our staff that we have here at Ware.  We believe that hands down we have the best staff working with your students.  When you walk into our building you should feel a sense of welcoming and care as soon as you hit the door.  We work diligently at the interview table looking for staff that we believe are “Bears.”  To be a “Bear” you have to over anything else put kids first!  Our students are our number one priority.  Their success is a reflection of us, so we put our best foot forward each day.   We know that with working on a military installation we may not have your student for multiple years, so our job is too immediately build relationships.  Our teachers make sure that their students know that they care, while still holding high expectations in their academic growth.

With the transition back to school, please make sure that you begin setting those routines and schedules into place.  We all need schedules and our students definitely need them.  Schedules and routines help students begin their day in the right mindset and ready to do the best that they can during school.

We hope that you all have a very Happy New Year.



Alicia Scofield




We cannot believe we are half way through the school year! With the start of the New Year we are learning and experiencing many new things in kindergarten; including reading, teen numbers, decomposing numbers, along with addition and subtraction.

In reading we are using the letter sounds to blend and sound out  those words included in our Shared Stories.  The students are also learning Red Words, which are words we just have to remember by sight.  Students are excited to be reading independently, to get the opportunity to read to the class, and to practice reading by sharing these stories with someone at home! A new Shared Story will come home weekly in students Ware Bear folders along with a Read and Respond sheet to be completed nightly as reading homework. You might notice that the Read and Respond form looks a little different.  There are now two parts to the new form, a reading side and a writing side.

Students are working hard to form sentences in their journals and during writing.  Along with sounding out words, some things we have been working on are capitalization at the beginning of the sentences and punctuation at the end, as well as spacing between words.  They are also getting better with adding important details to their illustrations.

In math, we are counting everyday and becoming very good with numbers! We will start learning about teen numbers, and continuing to work on decomposing numbers and composing numbers.  Kindergarteners will begin working on solving subtraction and addition word problems.

At the beginning of January be looking for second quarter report cards to be coming home with your student.  On January 27th, we will be celebrating Kansas Day with some special activities to help us learn about the great state we live in.


Kindergarten Teachers Rock!

Mr. Scruggs

Miss Willems

Mrs. Conder

Mrs. Clinesmith

Miss Bogen

ESS Teacher

Mrs. Felton


As the New Year rolls in, the first graders will continue to work on social and emotional skills through whole class counseling lessons and weekly class meetings. Some lessons will be over empathy and stopping to think before you act. Please reinforce positive interactions at home too.

First graders will start the new semester with measurement and data then move into addition and subtraction to 40 using place value. They will continue to build on previously taught skills. One way to build number sense is to play board games with dice or moving from space to space like a number line.

Please continue reading with your child for 20 minutes a night. Students will continue to check out books at their appropriate level for reading counts. These books offer additional fluency and comprehension practice. Please encourage your child to read library books as well as the Success For All shared stories.
Thanks again for all your support. We appreciate your efforts in making your child successful.


Your First Grade Team!

 Ms. Schoen

Mrs. Scott

Miss Francis

Miss Dreher

ESS Teacher

Mrs. Felton 


In January, students will be coming back from Winter break on the 8th.  We will take some time to review procedures and expectations to help make the second half of the year as successful as the first!

This quarter in math students will be working towards adding and subtracting within 1,000 with word problems to 100.  Students will also continue working on addition and subtraction fact fluency to 20.

In reading, we will continue to improve our skills in comprehension, fluency, and sight words.  All students should be reading 20 minutes every night and completing a Read and Respond form.  This daily reading homework is essential to help students become even better readers than they already are.

Students will be moving into opinion writing.  You can help your child improve their writing skill by having them journal at home about family experiences.

In science, we will use what we have learned about soil to plant and observe Brassica seeds. We will enjoy several activities at the end of the month to help celebrate Kansas Day.

As we all know in Kansas you can never expect the weather to be the same from one day to the next. Student will be outside for morning line up and recess so please make sure your child is coming to school with the appropriate apparel for very cold and windy days.  You can find information on the district website about the weather reports and school cancellations. It will be a very fun month with exciting new things going on all around us!


Your Second Grade Team

Mrs. Larson

Miss Buchanan

Miss Kern

Mrs. Schmidt

Miss Heigert

ESSD Teacher

Mrs. Parker


Here we are half way through the school year! Wow! We have had a great first half of the year and are   excited to continue through!  As we begin the third quarter, we will start learning new and exciting things.

In math we will begin the semester working with the area model of multiplication and finding the area of shapes.

In writing, we will be working on opinion writing and using facts to support these opinions.

We will continue to work on Forces and Motion in Science.  Ask your child about the different “systems” they have explored in science class.

Please help your child remember to keep reading for 20 minutes each night.  You can also ask your child how they are doing on Reading Counts tests.  They should be taking them on the books they are checking out from the library.  It is most helpful if these are in their Lexile range (or their “dot”) so they are challenged appropriately.

We are so excited to continue exploring and using our devices.  The students are doing great with responsibility and we hope that continues to develop.

Please let your child’s teacher know if you have any questions or concerns!  Communication between school and home is a vital part of your child’s education.


Third Grade Rules!

Mrs. Kelly

Mrs. Adams

Mrs. Oleen

Miss Hansen

ESS Teacher

Mrs. Parker 


We hope that your break was fun and refreshing.  The Ware Bear fourth graders are continuing to be busy and active learners.  In Math we will be starting to learn about fractions.  Our instructional focus will include understanding equivalent fractions and addition  and subtraction while working with fraction.  Students really need to be able to reason about their answers and think critically when solving word problems.  The more “how” and “why” questions you can ask them about their math, the better they will become at reasoning and explaining.  Please continue to have students practice their multiplication facts. Spending just 5-10 minutes each night reviewing those facts can really help.

In Social Studies we are working on learning all about the Mid-West part of the United States.   The students should have a lot of fun learning about places they may someday live or visit.  In Science we are focusing on different types of energy and how that can impact us in a real way. We hope to be doing many hands on lessons with the students to really get their minds thinking about science in a new way!


Thank you for all you continue to do to help your students to be successful in fourth grade!  Here are a few websites that we use in class that they can also access at home to practice math skills: prodigygame.com; freckle.com; sumdog.com; xtramath.com

As always please let us know if you will be gone for block leave or if you will be moving so that we can have everything ready for your student.  Our thoughts are with those families who have a loved one deployed.



Fourth Grade Rocks!

Mrs. Hilton

Miss Maley

Mrs. Kaus

Mrs. Williams

ESSD Teacher

Miss William 


We hope you were able to relax and enjoy time with family during the winter break!  January is going to be another busy month.  In math, students will continue to add and subtract fractions. In social studies, students will continue to study exploration and the colonization of the Americas.  Science investigations will begin to focus on mixtures and solutions while building on your student’s understanding of the different types of matter and observable properties.

Please help your child meet the expectation of reading for 20 minutes every night and filling out a Read and Respond (R&R) form.  Students that forget to bring a blank R&R home may write a summary on any piece of paper.

Grade cards should be coming home with your student around January 9th.  Please mark your calendars, as the second quarter awards assembly is going to be held on January 11th at 9:00 a.m., in Gym II.  Fifth graders will also be invited to attend a good old fashioned “Barn Dance” in our new gym on January 24th.  Students will be learning and practicing many group and line dances during their music time this month prior to the dance. More information on the start and end time of the “Barn Dance” will be coming home later this month.

State testing is also approaching quickly.  We have scheduled testing in April; specific dates will be announced soon. It will be important that students are here on time and well rested.  It is very difficult to make-up tests for students who aren’t here.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact your student’s teacher.

Thank you for your continued support!



Your Fifth Grade Team

Mrs. Deville

Miss Jimerson

Miss Huneycutt

ESSD Teacher

Miss William


We are on our way to a fun semester in Physical Education for the New Year. We always want our students to know the What-Why-How of things we learn and games we play in PE so here it is:

    What we are up to is a focus on fundamental manipulative skills such as throwing and catching, jumping rope, kicking, dribbling, passing, and striking, among many others. The KG-2nd grades will focus on learning the critical elements of the various fundamental movement skills while 3rd-5th grades will focus on accuracy in performing manipulative skills as well as tactical skills in more dynamic environments such as during gameplay.

Why we are focusing on those skills is because by teaching proper performance of these skills we aim to help students increase their confidence, perceived competency (how good they think they are at a skill), and enjoyment of various types of physical activity. The better we are at a skill the more we want to do it…the more we do it the more physically active we are…the more active we are the healthier we are…the healthier we are the HAPPIER we are and the better our lives will be (our students here this often!)

    How students and parents know they have learned those skills is through teacher feedback and motor skill grades that will be reflected on grade reports in the 3rd and/or 4th quarter. For a complete list of the K-12 physical education national standards and grade-level outcomes, visit https://www.shapeamerica.org/standards/pe

Mr. Derek Scott    derekscott@usd475.org

Miss Mariah Wheaton    jessicawheaton@usd475.org


Welcome to 2019 from the Ware music department. This semester most classes will be learning how to play the classroom instruments, barred instruments, recorders and ukuleles. We will also be working on music reading skills.

There are several performances second semester and more information will be sent home with students as their performances get closer. On February 2, seven Ware Elementary fifth graders will represent our school as part of the North Central Kansas Music Educators Association Elementary Honor Choir at the Junction City Middle School. Second grade students will have their performance on February 7; first grade will perform on April 18; and kindergarten will perform on May 9. All grade-level performances are at 6:00 pm in the  Ware Auditorium.

James and the Giant Peach, a musical play, will be presented on Thursday, April 4 at 6:00 p.m.  Students in the 21st Century After-School Program will be performing this entertaining musical for you. More information will sent home regarding this event.


at 6:00 p.m. on the Ware Elementary auditorium.  We hope to see you there!

Mrs. Susan Gillespie                      Miss Julie Swartz

SusanGillespie@usd475.org                JulieSwartz@usd475.org


December was an exciting month in the library!  Students learned about computer programming during the week of December 3 as we participated in the Hour of Code.  Students practiced coding on the website code.org and Google Santa Tracker.  According to the code.org website, “Code.org increases diversity in computer science by reaching students of all backgrounds where they are — at their skill-level, in their schools, and in ways that inspire them to keep learning.”  I encourage you to have your student(s) check out code.org at home!


Another engaging website for computer programming is tynker.com.  They share that, “Programming is a basic literacy in the digital age.  Kids are growing up in a very different world than that of their parents. Cellphones, computers, Youtube, Netflix, and Facebook are embedded in their daily lives. Even toys are digital, and many are programmable, such as Legos and the new-generation LeapFrogs.  It is one thing to know how to use these technologies. It’s another, however, to understand the logic behind them. When learning to program, kids understand and tinker with the digital world they inhabit. Coding draws back the seeming ‘magic’ of technology so they can truly understand the logic and science that controls this technology–a discovery that is all the more magical.  Our reliance on technology will only increase.  The students of today must be able to not only passively consume this technology, but also to understand and control it, becoming an active part of this huge digital shift.”


January is a busy month in the library.  Kindergarteners will be creating their first green screen project.  With this assignment, students will have their picture taken and learn how to remove the background.  Then they will place themselves with a picture of the sun or the moon.  The finished project is a picture that appears as though they are on the sun or moon.


Students in all grades will continue learning how to be responsible digital citizens.  For more information on digital citizenship, check out netsmartzkids.org and commonsensemedia.org.


Please continue encouraging your student(s) in grades 1-5 to read a “dot book” and take a Reading Counts test.  A “dot book” illustrates the Lexile Level of the book.  It also indicates that there is a Reading Counts test available for them to take on the computer at school.  To learn more about reading counts, explore hmhco.com/readingcounts.


Veronica Wait – Library Media Specialist

Mrs. Kidwell & Mrs. Lopez – Library Clerks


With the change in weather your Ware Bears need to be prepared for unpredictable weather.  You may want to send them to school with a jacket, some mornings are very cool.  Layering clothing may be helpful also, if the day turns warm, they could remove the top layer to be comfortable.  Just a reminder that a good breakfast is so very important for your child’s ability to concentrate and learn.

Cold and flu season is just around the corner!  Remind your children about the importance of washing their hands.  This is the single most important way to prevent the spread of germs.  Also encourage them to cover their noses and mouths when they cough or sneeze.  Please consider having your child vaccinated for the flu.

Just a friendly reminder…

¨ Please bring in physical/immunization form ASAP.  Many physical are due in October.

¨ If you have a student that may require a change of clothing while at school, please put extra in their book bags.   My Ware Bears have visited my closet frequently and my supplies are getting low.

¨ If your child comes home in school clothing, please return them to me after they have been washed.

¨ Again please keep your contact information and emergency contact up to date.  Your correct phone numbers are essential for us when we need to contact you for an injured or ill child.

¨ The Nurse office is still in need of small pants sizes 5 & 8 and girl pants size small, 5 & 8.  Any donations will be greatly appreciated.

Healthy Trick or Treating

¨ Eat a good meal before going to parties or trick or treating.

¨ Check all treats for tampering.

¨ Try to ration treats.

¨ Travel in groups.

If at all possible, walk with your children never to enter a home or car to get treats

Karen Roles

School Nurse



This month in Speech and Language, we’re talking about the season of winter and the vocabulary that goes along with it. Our sessions will focus on practicing articulation and language skills in the context of winter-themed activities. The start of the new year is always a great opportunity to come back to school refreshed from a break and ready to continue working on our communication objectives. Be sure to continue watching for any home practice that might be sent home to solidify your student’s progress we’ve seen in speech, and as always, please contact me with any questions!


Laura Thompson                                                Roddaija Turner

Speech—Language Pathologist       Speech-Language Pathology Assistant




The new year brings new and exciting adventures for families and our school. For the month of January, your child will be learning about creating a growth mindset. We will also begin learning about the importance of creating goals to help direct us towards success! Goals are important because they help drive our ambition while keeping us accountable. In classroom lessons students will learn how having a growth mindset helps achieve goals and how goals give us direction. Students will learn the difference between a “fixed” mindset and a “growth” mindset. Students will brainstorm goals they would like to achieve and how to set goals that are attainable. I look forward to continuing to work with your child throughout the school year!



785-717-4600 Ext. 4706


Ware Mart will be open on Fridays before school.  Student Council sells school supplies with prices ranging from $0.25 to $5.00.  All profits will be used for school projects and community service by the Student Council.  All Ware Bears may shop, but must eat breakfast first.

We would like to thank everyone who donated to Coins for Caring.  Thanks to your amazing generosity, we were able to reach our goal!  Student Council had a very successful shopping trip and gift-wrapping party.


Spirit Day: January 11th Dress for Success


k-State Partnership – Professional Ware Elementary is a Professional Development School in Partnership with Kansas State University.  This spring we will have teacher interns from Kansas State University in our building. The cooperating teacher and clinical instructor at Ware work with the intern in the areas of planning and preparation, classroom environment, instruction, and professionalism.   We are pleased to welcome the following interns to Ware for the spring 2019 semester;

Matalyn Mahan with Mrs. Adams

Megan Muller with Mrs. Oleen

Ryan Emmitt with Mrs. Hilton

Addyson Howard with

Mrs. Deville

Vanessa Diazdeleon with

Mrs. Gillespie, will begin in March after finishing at the

high school

Mrs. Ruffley

KSU Clinical Instructor