Giant Kansas Map

Students on Kansas Map

Students on Kansas Map Seflie with the classKick off your shoes and relax may have been what it looked like in the library at Ware Elementary. Well, we sure did kick off our shoes, but we didn’t relax!  We walked across the whole state of Kansas!!  Students at Ware Elementary enjoyed activities in the Library Media Center using the Giant National Geographic Kansas map.  There were numerous items representing different cities, towns and landmarks throughout the state.  As students showed off the item they chose, they discussed where it belongs on the map and why.  Students then placed their item on the map using cardinal directions to guide them.  The objective was for students to learn a little about Kansas as well as to learn map symbols and directions.  Ask your student about some interesting places like where in Kansas you can mine for coal, feed giraffes and visit the world’s first Pizza Hut!