Market Day

Friday, March 22, 2019 First and Second Graders at Ware Elementary participated in the annual Market Day activity.  Excitement filled the air as second graders prepared their booths for first graders to visit and purchase their goods and services.  First graders lined the halls eager and ready to enter second grade classrooms to spend their play money at the second grade shops.  Some of the hit items students had available for first graders to purchase included ice cream sundaes, posters, temporary tattoos and face paint!  After first grade classes visited and spent their money at the second grade businesses, second graders closed their businesses to figure their profit from their sales.  Students had to pay the bank for their start up fees and make a donation as well.  The remaining amount was equally shared among the teammates at the businesses.  Second graders then used their profit to purchase items at each other’s businesses.  This economics lesson is an exciting business venture that second graders spend days planning, organizing, preparing and practicing.