Early Childhood

Early Childhood Teachers:

Left to Right: Sahra Bennett, May Cook, Heidi Ring, and Bridget Mooney

September 2021 News

Hello from the Early Childhood Program at Ware Elementary! We have had a great start to the new year and are so glad your children are a part of our program. We have started the year with our first unit, Who We Are and will be doing it for one month before starting our next one. We will be learning about what we do in school and how we learn new things. We will also be learning about our Five Senses, special things we do, and how things are alike and different. During math and literacy activities we will be talking about letters and numbers before we begin learning a “letter of the week”, which will start in Unit 2. During our Social Emotional time we will be introducing the Feeling Bud-dies and will be doing a lesson each week to teach children how to regulate their emotions. One of our favorite things to teach!

As a reminder, if you drop your children off along the yellow curb either at the basketball courts or in front of the school, please stay in your car and we will come get your child. When picking up we will bring your child to you. You are more than welcome to park in the parking lot or on the other side of the street at the basketball courts and walk your child to your teacher. If you walk your child to school, you can just bring them to your teacher. Thank you for your cooperation.

Early Childhood Teachers:

Sahra Bennett

Mary Cook

Heidi Ring

Bridget Mooney, SLP