First Grade

First Grade Teachers

Left to Right: Sarah Hernandez, Natalie Lechner, Brittany Scott, Jennifer Billings, Aubrey Rumford, and Rachel Smith


Welcome to First Grade! We are so excited for this school year!  We are going to have so much fun learning together.  This year will be full of growth both academically and socially for your child. We focus on positive relationships and reward the children who are making positive choices. If you have any questions, please contact your child’s teacher.

October 2021 News

We love to see our first graders continuing to show PRIDE towards others while at school (Perseverance, Respect, Integrity, Dependability, and Empathy). They have been working hard to do their best every day!

In first grade we are finishing up Unit 1 in Wonders which has covered the short vowel sounds for a, i, and o, along with blends (l-blends, r-blends, s-blends). In Unit 2, students will practice reading and writing using the short e and the short u, along with consonant blends that come at the end of words. Students manipulate sounds in spoken words, read words in isolation, and read decodable texts. We will continue to connect the phonics sounds to writing as we venture into writing narrative stories. We appreciate any support at home.
• Please practice the reading skills on the back of the weekly communication sheet with your child.
• Read books, talk about their day, and/or play a game together.
• Have your child practice handwriting and holding a pencil correctly.

In math, we are halfway through Module 1. We will begin to introduce subtraction within 10 while focusing on counting back to subtract. Students will discuss and apply their understanding of addition as it relates to subtraction and vice versa. First
graders use these skills to solve multiple types of word problems involving missing addends or taking away from the whole. Students use number bonds, math drawings, and number sentences to show their thinking. Students put in a lot of hard work
at the beginning of the year with adding and subtracting fluently within ten to help make connections with future skills.

Check your child’s Ware Bear folders and ClassDojo for upcoming events including Parent-Teacher Conferences. Please make every effort to attend your conference as they are crucial to the success of your student. We look forward to seeing
you all soon!

1st Grade Teachers:

Jennifer Billings,  Sarah Hernandez, Natalie Lechner, Aubrey Rumford, Brittany Scott, and Rachel Smith

Special Education: Freda Felton