Fourth Grade

Fourth Grade Teachers:

Left to Right: Stephanie Hilton, Sally Dreher, Emily Moorman-Meador and Darissa Maley


We are excited to have your child with us in fourth grade! We will be working with your child in math, reading, writing, science, and social studies.  We work as a team here at Ware and so your child may have more than one teacher throughout the day.  We collaborate and look at data often to help guide our placements so that we are able to get the best fit for each student. In math we spend most of our time in multiplication, division, fractions, and story problems to really help build the problem solving mindset we need for all other subjects. In language arts your student will be given multiple opportunities to build their skills in speaking, listening, and sharing through narrative, informational, and opinion writing. Your child will have many opportunities to show what they know through independent work, small group projects, and whole group collaboration. We are very focused on positive reinforcement to help each child be successful. We are really looking to “catch” our students doing the right thing! We look forward to partnering with you to make this the best year possible for your child!

October 2021 News

The Ware Bear fourth graders are continuing to be busy and active learners. In math we will be starting to learn about multi-digit multiplication. We will really be focusing on multiplying numbers by 10, 100, and 1,000. Then we will be moving into division with remainders. Students must be able to reason about their answers and think critically when solving word
problems. The more “how” and “why” questions you can ask them about their math, the better they will become at reasoning and explaining. We are also still working on learning our multiplication facts. All students need to continue working on learning their multiplication facts at home. Spending just 5-10 minutes each night reviewing those facts will really help. We are at the point where we expect the students to know their facts. If they don’t, it really slows down the math process.

Please continue to help your child find 20 minutes to read each night and to write their response to reading on their reading log for the week. This time is so effective in building lifelong readers, and we really appreciate your effort!

In Social Studies we are working on learning about the states of the Northeastern part of the United States. The students are having a lot of fun learning how people in other places live.

In Science we continue to learn about environments and how those effect the organisms who live there. We hope to be
doing many hands-on lessons with the students to really get their minds thinking about Science in a new way!

We look forward to seeing you at Parent-Teacher Conferenes!


4th Grade Teachers:

Sally Dreher, Stephanie Hilton, Darissa Maley, and Emily Moorman-Meador

Special Education: Rebecca William