Students sitting against the wall

Welcome to Kindergarten!  We are excited to begin your child’s journey in school with you!  Kindergarten is a wonderful time of learning and discovery.  Kindergarteners come to school at varying stages of academic and social ability.  Our goal is that a team (parents, child, and teacher) we ready your child for success by providing the academic, organization, and social support he/she needs to be successful through kindergarten and beyond.  The most amazing part of kindergarten is how quickly your child will develop into a learner.  Through play, cooperative work, guided instruction, and technology your child will practice and learn many new skills.   By the end of the year your child will be a reader, a writer, a mathematician, and a budding scientist.  We are so excited to work together with you and your child this year!

Ivory Beins

Allyson Bogen

Charlie Conder

Bryan Scruggs

Chelsea Willems

Ashley Sulzinger