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PE Teachers:

Kelli Thissen and Tara Gruver

Welcome to Ware Elementary Physical Education. We believe that a child’s pursuit of health and physical literacy can have a profound impact on the quality of his or her life. By offering students a variety of positive experiences in physical education, their development of psychomotor, cognitive, and social-emotional skill competence leads to increased levels of self-confidence and empowerment. Please feel free to contact us if you would like to learn more about our program, or about opportunities to help your child in the journey towards physical literacy.

October 2021 News

Our students have been hard at work in the gym, building relationships through team building, learning about health- and skill-related fitness components, invasion game strategies and tactics, and fundamental movement skills. These include locomotor skills such as skipping and jumping, as well as manipulative skills such as tossing, catching, and balancing.
By acquiring motor skill competency, students can experience more success, confidence, and joy in a variety of types of physical activity.
Also, just a reminder to have your child always bring sneakers (or shoes that cover our toes) to class. We want all students safely participating every day in class. Have kids set their tennis shoes right next to their bag each night before bed if they are wearing boots, sandals, or shoes with a high heel to school. If you have a younger child, practice tying shoes at
home a lot! Knot-tying also helps a wide variety of other fine motor skills such as writing and cutting with scissors!

Here are a few websites for you to explore to help build a more physically active home:
● SHAPE America Parents page:
● Active Schools for Parents:

Our goal is to help students of all backgrounds and abilities in learning physical literacy, in which they possess the knowledge, tools, and beliefs to help them pursue a lifetime of health and enjoyment through physical activity. Feel free to contact us at any time with comments, questions, or to say hello!

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Physical Education Teachers:

Tara Gruver and Kelli Thissen