Second Grade

Students standing in a line with arms in the air

We’re excited to help your child grow and learn in second grade!  We’ll cover many topics this year in the areas of reading, math, writing, vocabulary, science and social studies.  It’s always amazing to see the growth made by each student.  We believe in giving choices and using positive reinforcements.  It is our desire to create an environment where each student will feel safe to explore and learn from their mistakes.  Students are encouraged to follow the school expectations of PRIDE. (Perseverance, Respect, Integrity, Dependability, Empathy)  We look forward to working with our families to help make this the best year ever!

Jill Buchanan

Abby Heigert

Susannah Schmidt

Jody Steinbring

Emily Wollard

Jody Steinbring, Emily Wollard, Jill Buchanan, Susannah Schmidt, and Abby Heigert