Third Grade

Our Third Grade Teachers:

Left to Right: Emily Grantham, Dominique Wiedmaier, Karolena Cormier, and Katelyn Brinker

    Welcome to the 3rd grade team. We will be focusing this year on reading, writing, science, social studies, and math. Our goal this year is to make sure each child achieves personal success in academics, social, and organizational skills they will need in order to be successful in following their dreams. Third grade is such a fun year and we will see much growth in reading, writing, and math. The students will focus hard on multiplication and division facts during math. For science this year students will explore more by having lots of hands-on experiences during whole and small group instruction. We’re very excited about your child embarking on this third grade journey with us and look forward to meeting them all!

January 2023 News

Third Grade News ☃️

Welcome back! Can you believe your third grader is halfway done with third grade? Time really does fly by when you’re having fun! We hope you had a restful and wonderful holiday break.

In math we have been busy learning about area. Third graders have learned how important area is because it is something they will use when they get older! Area is just a review of multiplication facts, so practicing multiplication fact fluency at home will really help your student. We are also starting to work on multi-step word problems as well as reading scales and graphs.

In reading, we are continuing to read a variety of texts and explore different concepts within them. We have been working on finding problems and their solutions, but also still working on finding the main idea. Reading nightly is SO important to help your student be successful. This helps them conquer our challenging stories in class. Students are rewarded daily for completing their reading homework. When they write a few sentences about what they read, this helps them summarize in class. Reading nightly also helps them in math with our word problems.

In science, we have wrapped up motion and matter and have moved on to structures of life. Students have learned about seeds and how seeds are a necessity to having new plants grow. Sometime this quarter, we will have crayfish that come to our classroom, and we will learn about life cycles. Students get to feed them, touch them, and learn all about them! We will not be able to have a crayfish boil, though. Crayfish are also commonly known as crawfish, crawdads, and mudbugs.

In social studies, students have been learning about important people in American history. They have also been learning about important historical events that shaped our country’s path.

As the year progresses, we will have many diagnostic and practice state tests for the real state test later in the year. Please make sure your student has their own pair of headphones.

If you need anything, please reach out to your student’s teacher. Class Dojo is the best way to get into contact with the teacher. We hope you have a warm January!

3rd Grade Teachers:

Katelyn BrinkerKarolena CormierEmily Grantham and Dominique Wiedmaier

Special Education: Abby Vest