Third Grade

Students standing in a line with backpacks on

Welcome to the 3rd grade team. We will be focusing this year on reading, writing, science, social studies, and math. Our goal this year is to make sure each child achieves personal success in academics, social, and organizational skills they will need in order to be successful in following their dreams. Third grade is such a fun year and we will see much growth in reading, writing, and math. The students will focus hard on multiplication and division facts during math. For science this year students will explore more by having lots of hands-on experiences during whole and small group instruction. We’re very excited about your child embarking on this third grade journey with us and look forward to meeting them all!

Kirstin Adams

Katelyn Brinker

Karolena Cormier

Bridgett Kelly

Dominique Wiedmaier

Bridgett Kelly, Kirstin Adams, Kara Cormier, Katelyn Brinker, Dominique Wiedmaier, and Abby Vest