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Ware Elementary English Learner Teachers

English Learner Team


Our community takes pride in embracing diversity!  If a second language has impacted the development of English skills, we offer our students support to build those skills.   Support is individualized to reflect the specific needs of each student.   It may be provided in a whole class, small group, or an individualized setting.   Our goal is that all EL students master the same Kansas Standards as their English-speaking peers while developing their English reading, writing, speaking and listening skills to a fluent level.

Students whose parents indicate that they have been exposed to a second language on their enrollment form are screened to determine if they qualify for EL support.  Parents whose children qualify will be notified. Students remain in the EL program until they meet the criteria for exiting. That criteria includes good grades and proficient scores on state tests.

English Learners Teachers

Kirstin Adams

Kirstin Adams